The Rapid Growth of The Blood Lab

Charlie Timlin
March 29, 2022

We worked with our client – The Blood Lab – using our proven business development model to help them efficiently launch their business, enable staggering growth into becoming a market-leader and then optimising their business two-fold by enhancing the end-user experience and creating an improved operational model for the business.

The Rapid Growth of The Blood Lab

Who are The Blood Lab?


The Blood Lab are a private blood analysis service catering to the general public. They work closely with high performance athletes and bodybuilders and are on a mission to break down the stigma around use of anabolic steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs by promoting a culture where health vitals can be tested, talked about, and advised by doctors to enable safe use of PEDs.


However, blood testing is not only suited to athletes. More and more of the general population are becoming increasingly conscious of their health and private blood analysis is a guaranteed way to get a better picture of your health.



Previously, MARCA worked closely with other athletic & health related clients such as Full Boar Sports – performance supplement retailers (read more about Full Boar’s rapid growth into a high converting ,high volume e-commerce outfit) and Conteh Sports, performance supplement manufacturers.


Having already delved into the sports performance market, possessing a great understanding of how the market and its consumers operate, naturally made us a great choice for The Blood Lab to onboard for their technology development. We are grateful & excited to be an integral part ofThe Blood Lab’s continued growth and successes.


How did it start?


On a minimal budget, The Blood Lab had a requirement to take. bookings for appointments online. Partnering with our client Full Boar Sports provisioned a web real-estate to conduct their business, initially operating a booking system from the Full Boar Sports website. This proved to be a beneficial strategy, mutually funnelling valuable traffic into one another’s businesses.


As The Blood Lab grew in size, requirements and budget, we commissioned a new site and began defining a consistent brand image to set the path toward becoming an established and recognisable player in the industry. The partnership with Full Boar Sports continued which has proven to be a highly-effective organic marketing strategy for both parties.


With the new site, we also began designing and developing an online portal - myLab. The client’s goal was for patients to have a central hub where they could view their results graphically, consult with their in-house doctor, and monitor their health over time and we devised the best options for making this a fantastic success.


Opting for a web app which was easily accessible to all patients on desktop and mobile, we designed the portal around the client’s specific requirements with data security being a priority.

With a fast-growing and interactive user-base, we produced various marketing materials to showcase the capabilities and functionality of the portal to existing patients and potential conversions.


See the promotional video for the first iteration of myLab.




Where next?


Shortly after the release of the portal, we added

functionality for patients to invite their coaches to review their results and add comments, adding another facet to the health monitoring abilities that align with The Blood Lab’s vision.


The Coach functionality propelled The Blood Lab into being a market leader. No competitor in the market has this functionality and we are proud to have worked so closely with The Blood Lab on this impressive feat.


It doesn’t stop there though.


Keeping pace with their growth, MARCA are commissioning a whole new roster of developments to myLab and The Blood Lab’s digital ecosystem.


We look forward to postal testing kits, with the same intuitive health feedback of the initial offering; integration of a bespoke booking system; integration of bespoke ecommerce system; fulfilment assistance technology; bespoke CMS for keeping the ecosystem up-to-date with relevant content and promotional material; bespoke CRM for fully managing the customer handling workflow, preparation for international expansion and more.


Our Takeaways


The Blood Lab are the perfect case-study for MARCA’s LAUNCH,SCALE, OPTIMISE business development model. We are proud to have assisted our client from a low-budget MVP at launch, utilising our expertise to enable explosive growth, with pioneering technology in a multi-million-pound market.


Our upcoming developments with The Blood Lab will allow them to thoroughly optimise their business, improving conversion opportunities, improving the end-user experience and minimising work for our client, enabling superior profit margins.


If you would like to see what MARCA can do for your business, let’s have the conversation.

Charlie Timlin
March 29, 2022