We create Shopify stores with >5% conversion rates for DTC brands

Struggling to manage your vital metrics on your eCommerce store? We're here for you.
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Let's define your project

Defining your project is the most important part of the development cycle. Ensuring we fully understand and define:

The features your customers need and want
The flows that your customers will take
How the product will look, feel and act.
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It's time to create 📈

Now we know what we're looking to build, its time to design a prototype. This will allow us to:

Iron out the user experience
Make amendments before development commences
Have a working prototype to showcase to customers
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Launch time - let's go 🚀

Once the pre-development work completes, we move on to development. Our approach is agile - allowing full exposure to the development roadmap.

Continuous testing and audits at each sprint
Training included for yourself and team
Launch support for web hosting, app stores or internal server.
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Here's what the
numbers look like

Here's some recent case studies from DTC brands we've recently worked with.

From £0 to £600k

We've scaled The Blood Lab from £0 to over £500k annually by implementing a 12m roadmap of technology builds. Beginning with an entry level MVP, and ending the 12 months with a bespoke suite of tech.

Premium Supplementation
Conversion rate over 5%

Integrating a operations portal into VSFs daily ops team has allowed them to fast track their lead generation by over 5x. Reducing staff costs and also minimising lead leakage.

Vape Superstore
A 2000% increase in conversions

Building an auto generating calculator into Recoups website has allowed them to reduce staff costs, and also increase conversions by giving prospects the answer they are looking for immediately.

Single Product Store
Customer retention rate 68%

We built a custom membership area and integrated into a Shopify build, consisting of a video vault, loyalty points system and multiple membership tiers - we're know moving on to a bespoke native app.

CBD Nectar Nurse
CBD Superstore

Is your DTC brand struggling to maintain positive core metrics?

That's why we're here. For the non-tech guys amongst us. You know what you want - but you're unsure where to start.

Your project starts with MARCA 🚀

Maximise your Conversion Rate

You will have a dedicated communication channel with and account manager and your lead developer - both based in the UK.

Increase your Average Order Value

You will know exactly how your product will benefit your business and also be fully involved at each step of development.

Maintain a Strong
Retention Rate

You will be presented with multiple solutions, allowing you to plan financially for the future of your business

Reduce Number of Clicks to Checkout

We can find a payment schedule that works for us both, giving your full control without hampering cashflow.

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