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Where Friendship Sets the Tone for Success

At our core, we believe in fostering an environment where every team member feels at ease with their peers, their surroundings, and the clients we serve. We entrust our staff with the freedom to unleash their creativity, knowing they are valued for their talents and integrity.

MARCA isn't just a company; we're a close-knit family of skilled, dependable, and seasoned professionals. We pride ourselves on offering candid guidance to clients and providing transparent feedback internally, continuously elevating the caliber of our work year after year.

our benefits

Here's what to expect

macbook pro

We ensure all our staff are equipped with the nessecery tools to excel in their chosen field, and where better to start that a state of the art laptop.

Unlimited holidays

We understand that sometimes 28 days isn't enough to get all your holidays in, so here at MARCA we allow unlimited unpaid holiday after 28 days, within reason...

Flexible hours

Need to work from home? Got a doctors appointment at 3pm? Don't worry, we get it! Life is busy, so as long as the hours are getting done, our schedules are flexible.

Hybrid working

Offering the best of both worlds, providing employees with the flexibility to work remotely while maintaining opportunities for collaboration and connection in the office.

quarterly socials

We're all about embracing the good times! That's why we whisk our team away on paid escapades or social shindigs every quarter. It's not just about bonding; it's about making memories that fuel our teamwork.

christmas break

There is no scrooges around here! A full company shut down for 2 weeks at XMAS and you'll get paid for your troubles! Merry Chrysler...

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"I never imagined I would enjoy my work and workplace this much! Waking up eager to seize the day at work is a rare virtue, but here, I can't envision it any other way. one of the best decisions i have ever made is reaching out to this company."

David Gorton

Lead UX/UI Designer

"MARCA understands the significance of supporting its employees' professional development and well-being. Offering various training programs, mentorship opportunities, and employee wellness initiatives, the company strives to empower its workforce to grow personally and professionally, enabling them to reach their full potential.."

Georgia Kenyon

Social Media Manager

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