Increase in Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate


Increase in Sales

The Need For change

FYNE came to us as their Shopify store wasn’t converting, despite having a large instagram and TikTok following. Over 85% off the revenue was created through TikTok shop, which is great for top of funnel customers. Due to TikTok’s gatekeeping of data, we needed a way to increase onsite revenue and also extract as much data as possible from Tiktok orders.

What we did

For FYNE, we spearheaded a comprehensive digital overhaul, starting with rebuilding their Shopify store to enhance performance and user experience. Additionally, we crafted a dedicated mobile app, extending their reach to customers on the go. Leveraging Shopify collaborations and advanced sales strategies like bundles, cross-sells, and upsells, we optimized their revenue potential and provided personalized shopping experiences. We also designed a postcard which was included in all Tiktok orders, containing a QR code that pushed users to the site to order again, this time with a 25& discount. This allowed us to capture customer information as they placed their second order - allowing us to set up automated marketing using Klaviyo two boost repeat custom.

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